Foundation 101

Ever struggle to achieve a flawless base? Do you have trouble finding the right shade of foundation that compliments your skintone? Overwhelmed by the choices and colors that are available? Not to worry, I address the top five frequently asked questions I come across when working with clients.

1) I don’t know what color foundation to get! Am I cool toned or warm toned?

The key to finding a good color match is knowing your undertones. Our skin’s dominant undertone can either be pink (cool) or yellow (warm). A good rule of thumb to determine if you have pink or yellow undertones is to have a look at your wrists’ veins. If your veins are mostly blue or purple, you have cooler undertones. People with cool undertones should purchase foundations that are pink based. In contrast, if the veins in your wrists are green, you have warmer tones and yellow and peach based foundations will compliment your skin.

Left to Right: MAC NC 25 Studio Fix Fluid Foundation and MAC NW 25 Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. These two foundations would be matched to someone with a light to medium complexion. However, you can see the left one is more yellow based and the one on the right is more pink based.

2) My foundation looks grey in certain areas of my face. Help! 

Many people struggle with their foundation turning grey. This is because if our skin suffers from hyperpigmentation, we must conceal this pigmentation before applying foundation. Hyperpigmentation occurs when there is darkening of an area of the skin. A person might have patches of darker skin surrounded by their normal skin color. To prevent your foundation turning grey, you must use a corrector. A corrector cancels out the discoloration providing an even base for your foundation to go on. To neurtralise blue or purple darkness, use salmon colored correctors. To correct brown or grey darkness, use peach colored correctors. There are tons of correctors out on the market so depending on your needs, buy accordingly.

bobbiBobbi Brown Corrector in Peach

3) My foundation makes me look so oily by the end of the day. What do I do?

It is important to know your skin type and buy foundation according to your skin. There are different types of formula of foundations including cream, liquid, and compact. Cream foundation provide full coverage and are most suited for individuals for normal to dry skin due to their emollient rich formula. Liquid foundations are best for pretty much all skin types and can vary in coverage. However, those with oily skin should purchase the oil-free formula along with a good primer to control the oils. Compacts combine powder and foundation into one. They provide the least amount of coverage so they are best suited for those who require minimal coverage. With the powder and foundation formula, compacts are best suited for normal and oily skin. Individuals with dry skin might find that compacts emphasize dry patches on their skin.

Left to Right: Cream Foundation, Liquid Foundation, Compact.

4) How do I apply foundation?

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Brushes and sponges are a great way to apply foundation. Depending on how much coverage you want, different brushes and sponges have different finishes. One of my favourite ways to apply foundation is with a damp beauty blender. The sponge does absorb product but this allows you to not have excess foundation on your skin, leaving it smooth and flawless looking. Stippling brushes are also great at achieving airbrushed looking skin and providing light coverage. Buffing Brushes are also amazing at buffing in your foundation making sure no harsh lines are left on the skin. They also work great at building up coverage.IMG_6520Beauty Blender

Left to Right: MAC Stippling Brushes: 188, 187, 130.
Real Techniques Buffing Brush

5) What are your favourite foundations? 

For my personal use, my top three have to be Chanel’s Vitalumiere, NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation, and Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. I tend to have dry skin and have found these three foundations to be very hydrating. I find all three to be light-medium coverage and are easily buildable. Wearing time for both the NARS and the Giorgio Armani foundation is about 6-8 hours with occasionally powdering required midday. Chanel, while providing a silk like effect on the skin, is a great foundation to wear to a daytime event. People with oily skin should avoid this foundation, however. All three foundations require two or less pumps to even out the skin tone, covering blemishes, and creating smooth flawless looking skin.IMG_6501.JPGLeft to Right: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Chanel Vitalumiere, NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

Hope you guys find this post informative. I’ll be back with more content and if you have any particular questions, fill out the contact form or you can email me as well!

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